Top Virtual Tours You Can Find In Europe In 2021

Top Virtual Tours You Can Find In Europe In 2021

Virtual tours are the breakout stars of the travel industry as it stands in 2021. And, according to customer trends, it looks like virtual travel is not going anywhere.

We discussed the three top reasons why virtual tours are the way of the future in “Virtual Tours: 3 Things You Need To Know In 2021 and Beyond,” an older blog post.  But what kind of virtual tours are available right now? And which ones are most popular with virtual globetrotters?

Before we jump into specific virtual tour categories, it is worth mentioning that there is a huge variety of types of tours on offer, so, even if you’re not crazy about anything we’ve listed below, there’s very likely something we haven’t covered that you will love! 

At Vexperio we organize our tours by interests as it makes it easier for our customers to find the exact kind of experience they’re looking for. We also organize our tours by different categories (such as location). This means that regardless of whether you’re interested in tours about architecture, history, or art, or perhaps a specific city - Vexperio has you covered!

Below you can find a selection of some of the virtual tours Vexperio offers, organized by category for the ease of use.

Virtual Tours: Architecture

For those in love with architecture, Vexperio offers a unique chance to discover over 16 virtual tours focused exclusively on this topic. From Edinburgh to Mallorca, there is a lot to explore, learn and enjoy. Vexperio’s architecture tours allow you to fully immerse yourself in  the topic. 

Vexperio only works with the highest-rated tour guides, and we are proud to say that we cannot pick which tours are the best as they are all equally good and we would not offer them otherwise! Based purely on numbers, however, the Iconic Berlin Virtual Experience has become a crowd favourite. This isn’t a wholly surprising outcome: Berlin has long been one of the most fascinating cities in the world on many levels. Vexperio’s Iconic Berlin tour takes virtual travelers on a journey that showcases the events that had an impact on history, society and architecture found in this incredible city.

In addition to “Iconic Berlin,” there are plenty of other virtual tours that focus on architecture that you can discover. Among them are: 
Ancient Rome virtual tour
Barcelona and the Spanish Civil War virtual tour
The Golden Age of Mallorca virtual tour
The Highlights of Edinburgh virtual experience


Virtual Tours: Art & Culture

Art & Culture is another category people from all backgrounds enjoy travelling to virtually. These tours highlight the most iconic cultural sites our destinations have to offer. In fact, it is one of the most popular virtual tour categories overall. Vexperio’s art and culture virtual tours explore some of the most beautiful, and often mysterious, destinations in Europe. In addition, our excellent tour guides will provide you with an immersive historical background.

One of our own personal favourites of the genre is the Bohemian Madrid tour - a virtual expedition into one of Madrid’s most vibrant and distinct neighborhoods. You will learn  about such influential Spanish writers as Quevedo, Gongora and Cervantes as we show you where they lived and where their masterpieces came into existence.

Bohemian Madrid will also show you some of the central monuments to culture in Madrid throughout the centuries, places such as the Spanish National Theater built in a neoclassical style; the German brewery where Hemingway and Dos Passos use to hang out; and the the Trinity Convent, which was also Miguel de Cervantes’ former residence. 

These are just some of the reasons why Madrid has long been a beloved travel destination. We are thrilled to be able to bring an incredible top tour such as Bohemian Madrid to you virtually.

Vexperio offers a large selection of virtual tours focusing on the art & culture  aspect of our destinations. There are many more captivating cultural destinations to visit virtually. Some of our other virtual experiences include: 
Shaping the Modern World: Edinburgh’s New Private Town Virtual Tour
Cold War Berlin virtual tour
Discover the Splendors of Siena
The Pantheon of Rome

The full list of our art & culture virtual tours can be found on Vexperio. 


Virtual Tours: Education

Educational virtual tours are a fun and useful way to learn about cultures, historical events, and places.

Much like every other industry, education had to go online during the global pandemic. As a result, the normal social experiences students were exposed to became impossible. Luckily, virtual tours are able to remedy this, as they allow students to participate in the same educational experience, wherever they are. Whether students are in the same classroom, or at their respective homes, they can participate in virtual tours together with their teachers and classmates. 

Vexperio’s educational tours can be enjoyed by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Vexprio currently offers six European destinations, with many more coming soon! Our virtual tours include topics such as architecture, history, art, and culture overall, touching on local legends and myths alongside historical events.  

One of the most fascinating educational tours popular with students is the Scotland and the Jacobites tour, which describes Scotland in the 18th century. Our guide will take you on a tour around historical sites such as those that showcase the Jacobite rebellion, the official residence of the Queen of Scotland, and the Scott Monument.

Your guide will discuss in detail the impact this time period had on the development of Scotland in later centuries, as well as the impact the Jacobite rebellion had on modern-day Scotland. 

Vexperio offers many other educational virtual tours that focus on such topics as:
Berlin’s WWII History
Venice’s Jewish Quarter
Mysterious Madrid and the Spanish Inquisition
Berlin Wall - A City Divided
You can explore the entire list of educational virtual tours here


Virtual Tours: Sightseeing


Sightseeing has always been an integral part of the tourism industry, if not the original purpose of its existence. People have been travelling to exotic destinations for the purpose of sightseeing since the Ancient Greeks discovered the wonderfully mysterious Egyptian pyramids. Virtual tours are ushering in a new age of safe and sustainable sightseeing as they do not force the customer to travel to a faraway destination.

One of the world’s top sightseeing destinations is undoubtedly Rome. The Highlights of Rome is one of the most popular excursions of Rome as it gives a great overview of the city’s top tourist attractions. The tour begins on the famous “Spanish Steps,” goes across the Piazza di Spagna, stops by the Sant'Andrea delle Fratte church, and ends at the Trevi Fountain. There are also several other beautiful spots along the way that your local guide will be thrilled to share with you.

In addition to the Highlights of Rome virtual tour, you should also explore other exciting destinations including but not limited to: 

The Highlights of Edinburgh
The Highlights of Venice
The Highlights of Seville
Berlin Old Town

You can find a full list of Vexperio’s virtual sightseeing tours here. Keep in mind that tours from our sightseeing category are the most popular, and we highly recommend starting your Vexperio experience with these virtual tours